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Catherine MacColl - Pupillage Advocacy Programme South Africa

I am setting off in the middle of July to do some teaching on the Pupillage Advocacy Programme organised by the General Bar Council of South Africa for pupils in the KwaZulu Natal region. I will be... READ MORE

12 July 2019

Faculty of Advocates Mini Trials

The Faculty of Advocates has appointed Stable members Gerry Coll and Michael Upton as its Joint MiniTrials Co-ordinators, to help match lawyer-volunteers with schools participating in Lord Kinclave... READ MORE

10 July 2019

Andy Crawford success in ASPIC 'JS as Guardian of L v Cala Management Ltd 2019 SC EDIN 46'

Hastie Stable member, Andy Crawford, has had another success in a recent Proof he ran for a defender in ASPIC in the case of SJ as Guardian of L v Cala Management Ltd 2019 SC EDIN 46 See the judgm... READ MORE

12 June 2019

Hastie Stable Mungo Bovey QC and Tim Haddow appeal success

Mungo Bovey QC, Tim Haddow and Paul Harvey appeared for Zain Dean in his successful appeal against extradition to Taiwan on a fatal drink driving conviction. They persuaded the majority of the Cou... READ MORE

07 June 2019

Hastie Stable Speakers at the CLT Conference 3 June

On Monday 3rd June Stable Member Michael Upton have a talk about “Rangers F.C. in the Courts: 2011-2019” explaining the most important 15 of the 70-plus court & tribunal proceedings... READ MORE

04 June 2019