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Dual qualification for Craig Watson

Craig Watson has become a door tenant at 9 Stone Buildings, a set of Barristers’ Chambers in Lincoln’s Inn, London that specialises in commercial and Chancery work.

Craig, who joined the Scots bar in December 2010 after several years as a barrister in employed practice, was a pupil at the set almost ten years ago.

As a door tenant, Craig is a member of chambers with a full English practising certificate.  Although his primary practice will still be in Scotland, he can also advise on matters of English law.

Craig explains:

“Working in-house for financial services companies in Edinburgh, I was often surprised at just how useful it was to be an English-qualified lawyer, especially one with a Scots law degree.  Things like financial services regulation and pensions legislation tend to apply right across the UK but, when it comes to dealing with issues at a practical level, the approaches taken north and south of the border are often quite different.  In other areas such as commercial contracts and insurance, English law is commonly the law of choice, even where the parties involved are Scottish.  Having covered both jurisdictions for most of my in-house career, I wanted to be able to continue to do so at the independent bar.  The tie-up with 9 Stone Buildings makes a lot of sense in terms of my practice.  It also means that, with Alan Austin in London and Susan Hastie in Edinburgh, I am now supported by two of the most experienced clerks in the business.”