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Short Form Arbitration Scheme

On the instructions of the Scottish Association of Agricultural Arbiters and Valuers (SAAVA) John Campbell QC has prepared a Short Form Arbitration Scheme, expressly directed to resolving some of the problems which arise again and again when agricultural rents are subject to review. The Scheme, with its attendant nomination and other documents, is designed to be a different way of solving important disputes. It’s a modern take on an old idea.  The Rules are relatively short, uncomplicated, written in plainspeak, effective, and the process is confidential, economical and enforceable. It should enable both landlords and tenants to find their way quickly to a satisfactory solution. The problems around rent reviews are well known; the landlord wants too much, and the tenant wants to pay too little. The landlord’s pockets are generally deeper, so off he goes off to the Land Court armed with counsel and solicitors. The tenant feels he has to respond in the same way, and before you know it, money has been squandered, when the real differences may amount to only a few £000. Arbitration by an expert can stop all of that, cut out the Court, and allow trade experts under the guidance of a skilled arbiter to apply their minds to finding a fair solution which will endure without breaking anyone’s bank accounts or making the future too difficult Above all, landlord and tenant relationships can be fostered, and not irretrievably damaged.


The SAAVA Arbitration Rules 2013 are here and The SAAVA website is here